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Heated Bulk Food Transport Carts | Carter Hoffmann - Celfrost

Updated: Jan 30

Middleby Celfrost introduces Heated Bulk Food Transport Carts in Food Transporting Solutions

Whether it’s across the hall, on the other side of the facility, or down the street, Carter-Hoffmann has the transport cart for just about any application. Any way you measure it, we offer the broadest line of transport carts in the industry and we can tailor our products to your needs.

Ideal for bulk food transport and holding for buffet lines, banquets, catering, kitchen back-up holding and more... The choice is yours!

  • PH1200 : Bottom heat for 12”x20” pans

  • PH1825 : Bottom heat for 18”x26” pans

  • PH1830 : Bottom heat with universal slides

  • PH181 : Bottom heat with universal slides

  • HTU12 : Humidified heat with universal slides

  • PH1820 : Top heat with universal slides

  • SR1820 : Heat retention with universal slides

Choose the right cart for your needs :

Your Choice in Cart Size

● Under-counter, 1/2, 3/4 and full height carts

● One, two or three-door carts

Your Choice in Heating Systems

● Carts with top-mounted heat

● Carts with bottom-mounted heat

● Carts with extended heat retention

● Carts with heat and humidity

Your Choice in Heavy-Duty Features

● Carts for standard transport

● Carts for satellite transport

● Carts for heavy-duty correctional transport

Your Choice in Pan Racks

● Carts for 12x20 steam table pans

● Carts for 18x26 sheet pans

● Carts with universal slides

More than 60 years of experience has taught us there’s a BIG difference between a holding cabinet and a transport cart. You can use a transport cart as a holding cabinet, but it’s not a good idea to use a holding cabinet as a transport cart. Precision-engineered with heavy-duty features, Carter-Hoffmann transport carts are constructed with maximum durability to withstand the rigors of transport. We build them to move!

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