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Godrej Safe Deposit Locker Vaults & Cabinets for Banks

Updated: Mar 17

Godrej Secunex Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets (SDLCs), designed to the most stringent specifications, are manufactured in a modern, well-equipped plant - the largest of its kind in the country. Godrej's uncompromising quality standards and rigidly controlled manufacturing processes result in Cabinets that are superior in all aspects - security, reliability, strength and aesthetics.

Solid Steel - for Unmatched Strength

The Cabinets are structurally very strong, because they are fabricated from plates of prime quality tested steel. Godrej uses precision tooling made in their own state-of-the-art Tool Room precision tooling made in their own state-of-the-art Tool Room for manufacturing the sheet metal components of the Cabinets. This ensures tighter tolerances and greater accuracy. The meticulous welding carried out by skilled workmen gives the Cabinets uniform strength and rigidity.

Solid Steel Door for Greater Protection

A unique feature of the Godrej Safe Deposit Locker is that both the main lock and the Renter's Personal Lock are totally protected by the solid steel door, with no part of the locks

protruding outside. Thus totally eliminating chances of the locks being hammered in being hammered in.

High Security Locks

The lock the most important part of the locker is fitted with a high precision, unpickable, dual control 7-lever lock. All the locks are fitted with phosphor bronze springs and are also interchangeable, so that locks of vacated lockers can be changed easily.

Additional Security

Godrej SDLCs have a provision for retrofitting an additional

Renter's Personal Lock built in 6-lever lock.

This special lock is provided with a unique key for ensuring additional security. Padlocking Hasp can be fitted on all Locker Doors to enable the renters to use their own padlock beside rendering additional security to the door.

Wide Range

The Godrej SDLCs are available in 10 different types of lockers and there are over 1600 configurations. Moreover, Godrej can also provide cabinets in non-standard heights and widths, with the depth unchanged, to aid vault makers make optimum use of available space.

Complete Anti-Corrosion Treatment

All steel components are given a 12 stage anti-corrosion treatment followed by rust inhibiting paint. They are then given a coat of high quality paint, with an attractive long- lasting finish. Godrej manufactures a complete range of security equipment to give you unmatched protection in every walk of life. From tang bars for enhanced fortification of the RCC walls of strongrooms that can resist drilling and explosives, to a wide range of strongroom doors, grill gates, emergency doors, ventilators, fan cages and other accessories for strongrooms.


• As per IS 5244

• Approved & Listed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)


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