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Godrej Chotukool

Updated: Jan 30

Know your ChotuKool

ChotuKool is a 35L solid state electronic cooling device that uses no compressor or refrigerant. It is suitable for cooling food and beverages, and keeping vegetables, fruits, dairy, and so on, fresh. It operates on 110–240V AC main supply. It also works on inverter.

It is just 7.3kg in weight and easy to move. It opens from the top for maximum utilisation of space and to retain cooling better. chotuKool is not a freezer: it cools, but does not freeze its contents. It keeps food fresh and cools up to a maximum of 28°C lower than the ambient temperature. However, cooling temperature will not be lower than 10°C. chotuKool cuts of the electricity and enters the sleep mode once the temperature of 10°C is achieved. chotuKool can retain cooling up to 3 hours without electricity with lid closed. The chotuKool is a CFC-free, fan-cooled thermoelectric cooling system.

one door, many possibilities

Keeps Freshness intact Maintains the temperature at 10°C so that the nutritional value of food items is retained. Apt for items of daily use such as milk, vegetables, fruits, water, dairy, food, sweets... Retains cooling for upto 3 hours, after power is unplugged. So your food stays fresh indoors, or when you’re out on the road.

power unplugged

Consumes just 62W, thus lowering the running costs. It goes into sleep mode; cuts off electricity after acheiving inside cooling temperature of 10°C. chotuKool also works on inverter. Plug Power: 230V AC Supply

compact + portable

From fitting into your car’s boot; to carrying it to your terrace party; it has capacity of 35 litres

and weighs only 7 kilos. Runs on intelligent solid state cooling: no compressors, and no moving parts; just easy maintenance, and freshness on the go.


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