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Celfrost Cold Rooms

Middleby Celfrost India presents the following customized Cold Rooms :

  • Cold Room(20 C to -40 C)

  • Display Cold Room COLDROOMS (Front side display back side storage) (2 C to -5 C)

  • Space Saver (Mini Cold Room)

The world’s finest ideas in cooling & preservation!

Presenting Celfrost Refrigeration Systems Cold Rooms, with temperatures ranging from -40°C to +20°C.

Salient Features :

• Imported & Indian energy-efficient units • Designed for high ambient conditions • Stainless steel or pre-painted aluminum evaporators • Option of hermetic, semi-hermetic and scroll compressors • Option of BMS compatible HACCP controller

Cold Rooms - Applications & Highlights

Fruit Ripening

Blast Freezer

Retail / Super Market

Seeds Storages

Cold Warehouse Process/ Manufacture Hall

Fish/Meat Fruits & Vegetables

Dairy Products


Medicines & Vaccines

Fast Food Beverages

Foamed-in-Place Polyurethane/PIR/ Rockwool

Most advanced, high-density of 3 40 kg/m PUF insulation ensures best insulating efficiency and uniform structure. Available in 60, 75, 80, 100, 125 & 150 mm thickness

Perfect Panel Configuration

Available in a variety of Height and Width dimensions – Walls, Floor, Door Frame, Door Leaf, Tee Walls, Corners & Ceilings. PVC Gaskets at all joints make them perfect and 100% cam locking possible.

Hinge Doors

Aesthetic, efficient, durable, suitable for heavy-duty usage. Flush-fit with FRP door perimeter with auto closer. Overlap & double leaf door options available for all applications

Sliding Doors

Sliding door available for all applications in manual & motorized options

Digital Temperature Display cum controller

Displays the accurate temperature inside the Coldroom. BMS connectivity & data logging option available

Energy-efficient Refrigeration Units

  1. Semi-Hermetic

  2. Hermetic

  3. Slim Type (Dual Flow)

  4. Cubical Type

Benefits :

• Long life • Compact • Excellent heat transfer • Low power consumption • Aesthetically pleasant design


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