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VT 208 / 308 Vestfrost Ultra Low Temp Chest Freezers [-86 Degree Celsius] (198 Litre / 296 Litre)

Brand : Vestfrost | Middleby Celfrost , Product Variants : 


• VT 208 Vestfrost Ultra Low Temp Chest Freezers [-86 Degree Celsius] (198 Litre)


The VT low temperature freezers creates the possibility to maintain temperatures as low as -86°C. Supreme stability, reliability, user-friendliness and ease of cleaning make these freezers an ideal solution for laboratories and hospitals. Nature R refrigerant, cyclopentane insulation combined with recyclable materials make the freezers extremely eco-friendly.


  • User-friendly and maintenance-free
  • Battery backup for temperature display and alarm
  • Plug & Play
  • Contact For Remote Alarm


Life saving vaccinations must be stored under exacting conditions to ensure maximum efficacy. Celfrost brings to India, reliable medical refrigeration products suitable for laboratories, hospitals, research institutions and even remote locations for pharmaceutical, bio- medical & life sciences applications. MADE IN DENMARK. Premium Pharmacy Refrigerators, Low Temp & Ultra Low Temp Upright and Chest Freezers, Icelined Refrigerators for Vaccine Storage, Solar Driven Vaccine Refrigerators and Blood Bank Refrigerators

Vestfrost VT 208 Biomedical -86 Degree Celsius Ultra Low Temperature Chest Free

SKU: VT 208
  • VT 208 Vestfrost Ultra Low Temp Chest Freezers [-86 Degree Celsius]

    Dimensions HxWxD(in mm) : 885x923x605
    Temperature Range C° : -60 to -86
    Energy Consumption 24/h,kWh : 5.3
    Net Volume : 198 Litre
    Net Weight kg : 69.8
    Controller High/Low Temp Alarm : Yes
    Frequency Hz : 50
    Power Supply : V 220 / 240

    Warranty : 1 Year

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