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Godrej Secupro Vault Safety Box

Godrej Security Solutions unveils Secupro - an innovative watertight and airtight safety vault box container solution that meets customers’ and bankers’ needs alike. Designed to combat humidity, dampness, termites and silverfish, Secupro is an industry-first locker accessory that is completely waterproof and airtight.




• Convenient, durable and easy to access, Secupro is made of high quality, high-grade plastic and comes in a standard size that fits in all lockers

• Combats dampness and seepage; and also prevents insects such as termites and silverfish from damaging documents

• Engineered to withstand water-logging up to a height of 2 metres

• Unique 4-sided locking system with a silicon seal delivers superior compression and restoration, creating a watertight and airtight seal

• Prevents the yellowing of valuable documents, as there is no exposure to air and the environment.

• Compatible with Godrej Safe Deposit Lockers and Godrej Secunex, Secupro can also be used in isolation - wherever and whenever you want to protect your cash, important papers or documents from water or air.



Godrej Secupro Vault Safety Box

SKU: 46171591PA00153
  • Dimension

    449 L x 84-105 H x 106 - 129 W in mm


    1 year

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