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Godrej Cue Media Cluster 4 Seater Meeting Table with Sofa

Create a unique silent workspace with Godrej Interio's 4 Seater Media Cluster Meeting Furniture that is equipped with MDF Structure and Foam Padding for complete silence while in the meeting.



PANELS : Understructure is made up of combination of 25mm & 18 mm thk MDF block.The Bare MDF structure is covered with 5mm M.D.F sheet to provide a backing surface for foam padding. 
POUF : Understructure is made up of 12±1 mm thk. Plywood [as per IS:303 with moisture resistance & termite proofing].The structure is covered with 3mm M.D.F sheet to provide a backing surface for foam padding. 

PANELS : The panel has 6mm PU foam of 60kg/m3 density on outer surfaces to give a soft touch and feel. 
POUF : The top structure of pouf ie: seating surfaces has slab foam of 32kg/m3 on the top for soft feel while the sides of top structure is covered with PU foam of 28 kg/m3 density all around.The bottom structure has 6mm PU foam of 60kg/m3 density on all four vertical sides to give a soft touch and feel. 

PANELS : It consists of upholstered stitched covers made up of 230±20 GSM polyester fabric. 
POUF : It consists of 2 separate upholstered stitched covers made up of 340±20 GSM (top) & 230±20 GSM(bottom) polyester fabric. 
HIGH TABLE TOP (Optional Behind Back Panel) : Top is made up of 25±1.5mm thk (25mm MDF OSR As per IS 12406 + 0.4mm Membrane Foil. Membrane top is fixed to rear side of the panel with help of powder coated metal bracket made up of 5.0 +0.3/-0.1 mm thk HR plate as per IS:2062. 

CUE is our high performing collaborative furniture that can be configured in huddle rooms, breakout area seating in open office designs, video-Conferencing modules for focused discussions and immerse zones for undisturbed meetings. With a full collection of flexible and comfortable pieces that work seamlessly together, our unique workspace furniture takes the traditional office, virtual or face-to-face meeting to a new, innovative level. We have the modern office furniture designs for today’s agile office spaces! Also a soundproof Phone Booth can be integrated within!


A COMPLETE RANGE of work lounge furniture configured  to create co-working spaces of different privacy levels.

Offering spanning the work-lounge zone and user  activities (focused work to collaborative) with variety  ranging from open Layout Cluster Seating to Meeting  Enclosures


Godrej Cue Media Cluster

SKU: 56112105SD00238
  • Dimension 

    Height : 1200mm x Width : 3375mm x Depth : 1265mm  

    Seat Height : 450mm


    1 Year

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