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Godrej Forte (New) Electronic Safe

Brand : Godrej Security Solutions



Rice pots are no longer a good place to hide your gold chain and other jewellery. So, now that you have run out of ideas on where to hide your precious items, this modern looking safe locker from Godrej will not let you down. With features like an LED touch panel, a digital lock mechanism and a password system, the locker ensures that all your precious items are locked safe inside.

Product Description

Keep important documents safe and away from the vicious hands of robbers. You don't even have to deal with handles to open this safe, just a single master password.


You can set a three to six-digit master password on the digital locking mechanism. You can hide the password and make entered characters look like dots. If the password is entered wrongly thrice in a row, the safe will automatically freeze, keeping your jewellery safe. If the Forte's battery runs low, the set password won't reset itself.

Motorized Shooting Bolts For Extra Protection

The motorized shooting bolts remove the hassle of meddling with a handle when you want to open or close this safe.

Mechanical Override

If you forgot the password, you can always mechanically override the safe to access your valuables.

Low Battery Indicator

Thanks to the low battery indicator, you'll always know when this safe's power is running low.

USB Data Retrieval

Connect your laptop to this safe with a USB cable to recover your password with ease.

Godrej Forte (New) Electronic Safe

SKU: 46171591SD00152
₹9,499.00 Regular Price
₹8,929.06Sale Price
  • Door Thickness

    0.4 cm

    Wall Thickness

    0.2 cm


    15 L

    Dimension(in cm)



    11 kg


    1 Year

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