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Godrej Fitness Sorter GS 3P Currency Counter & Sorter

Godrej Security Solutions Currency 2 + 1 Pocket Sorter , The Godrej GS-3P Fitness Sorter is an intelligent and reliable Banknote Counting Machine, which uses double sided Image Processing Technology to recognize banknotes and to discriminate between different denominations. It is the world’s smallest 3 pocket fitness sorter. With modern design, 5” TFT Color LCD and user-friendly interface, the Godrej GS-3P Fitness Sorter provides every operator with a more comfortable and efficient working environment. Its 3 pockets allow operator to perform daily cash-processing jobs, without any interruption. Suspects, unrecognized and strange notes, are automatically diverted to the reject pocket, assuring continuous operation.


Features : 


• Full fitness sorting - Detection of taped, soiled, torn, missing corners, holes, graffiti etc.

• Enhanced counterfeit detector – Magnetic sensor, UV sensor, IR sensor

• User friendly interface - Easy menu and settings

• Various operation modes - Fitness, Count, Single, Face Orient, Dispense

• Easy upgrade - Using USB memory

• 5' TFT Color LCD, Resistive Touch Screen


Godrej Fitness Sorter GS 3P Currency Counter & Sorter

SKU: 44102501SD00026
  • Dimension



    20 Kg

    No of Pockets

    2 + 1 (Reject)

    Stacker 1 Capacity

    200 notes

    Stacker 2 Capacity

    200 notes

    Hopper Capacity

    700 notes

    Reject Capacity

    100 notes

    Preset Batch Number


    Counterfeit Detection

    MR (MG), UV, IR

    Discrimination Modes

    Fitness, Count, Single, Face Orient, Dispense

    Display type

    5' TFT Color LCD, Resistive Touch Screen


    3 RS232C port (9 pin D-sub & 2 RJ11), USB (A & B), LAN

    Banknote thickness range

    0.08 ~ 0.12 mm

    Power requirements

    100~240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

    Operational requirements

    10 to 40 / 0 to 85 RH

    Counting Speed

    700 / 1000 npm

    Banknote size range

    W: 100 ~ 185 mm, H: 60 ~ 90 mm

    Multiple Currencies Support

    1 (Available up to 3)

    Power consumption : Standby

    16W; Operation: 120W


    1 Year

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