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Cooktek MC 3500 Single Hob Induction Cooker Counter top Celfrost

Brand : Cooktek | Middleby Celfrost , Product : MC 3500 Single Hob Induction Cooker Counter top


The CookTek MC3500 commercial induction cooktop uses an electromagnetic field above the cooking surface to directly transmit energy into the pan, and through this cooking method, food is cooked quickly with more energy efficiency than with gas and traditional electric equipment. Induction-compatible cookware—pots and pans made with iron—must be used with this unit, and when a compatible pan is placed on the surface, it is automatically detected by the unit's technology and heated by the magnetic field.

To prevent overheating, a fan cools the vital parts of this unit, while a microprocessor self-diagnoses issues with the power supply and other problems. The temperature on this CookTek MC3500 countertop induction cooktop ranges from 85 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has 22 temperature settings with 20 additional power cook settings. Users can conveniently read the control settings on the LED display, and because the air intake is filtered, it is cool and clean, optimizing performance.


Product Details

• Durable glass ceramic cooktop is quick to wipe down

• Automatic pan detection provides energy transmission when induction-compatible cookware is placed on top

• LED display

• 22 temperature settings and 20 power cook settings

• Temperature range: 85-500 degrees F

• Integral fan keeps the components cool

• Automatic shut-off feature stops the unit from overheating

• Internal grease filter and air baffle ensure air intake is cool and clean

• Self-diagnosing microprocessor monitors the components to check for overheating and power supply issues

• Portable design

• Durable stainless steel housing facilitates cleaning

• Requires 2-in. clearance at the front, sides, and rear


• Portable tabletop design with stainless steel housing, heavy duty, electronic components, and high impact, thick, glass-ceramic top engineered for use in commercial kitchens

• Control knob for ease of use and automatic power or temperature control

• Temperature control allows for 27 precise temperature settings and 20 power cook settings

• Pan Maximizer feature achieves maximum heating of any induction compatible pan

• Microprocessor monitors vital components 120 times per second to check for overheating, power supply problems, and more. Cooktop shuts off and displays error codes enabling user

to diagnose and correct minor problems

• LED display for precise user feedback

• Automatic pan detection allows for instant energy transmission to pan and almost no

energy consumption when pan is not present

• Automatic shut-off feature prohibits overheating

• Integral grease filter and air baffle to ensure cleaner and cooler air intake

• Sloped front panel allows for easy viewing andoperation

• Easy to clean glass-ceramic top surface

• Integral cooling fan keeps internal electronics cool


About Cooktek : Created in 1994, the CookTek® brand continues to be the leading innovator in induction warming, cooking, and heated delivery systems for commercial kitchens and restaurants. Under TurboChef Technologies, Inc., the CookTek® brand is dedicated to innovative product development and superior customer service.

Cooktek MC 3500 Single Hob Induction Cooker Counter top

SKU: MC 3500
  • Dimensions

    13.81 in. W x 16.31 in. D x 4.98 in. H

    Power Supply

    5 A, 3500 W

    200-240 V/50-60 Hz/1 ph, 6-ft. cord with a NEMA 6-20P plug


    1 Year

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