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Godrej 4 Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet

Preseting Godrej Interio 4 Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet VFC. From employees to furniture, efficiency is a pillar stone of the workspace. The Vertical Filing Cabinet joins the ranks with its spacious design, making it easy to store and access your files, folders, and documents. The four smooth-moving drawers with easy-to-grasp handles offer a convenient way to store all your files, folders, and documents at one place. The drawer fronts are fitted with snap-on type plastic label holders, which makes it quick and easy to organize and access records. Knockdown construction and anti-tipping mechanism add up to the strength and rigidity of the cabinet. Additionally, the structure is fitted with a cam lock which enables centralized locking, keeping its contents secure and safe when employees are away from their desks or out for meetings.


Adequate Storage Space

The four drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet offers plenty of space to store all your office files, folders, and documents, at one place. Each drawer can accommodate up to 28 Ezee or Visa Files of 20mm thickness and can carry a load of about 40 kg.

Easy Access

The precision telescopic slide mechanism ensures smooth movement of the drawers. They come with full-length handles that are easy to grasp. Therefore, the drawers don’t come out once pushed inside because of the anti-rebound mechanism.


The bottom corners of the cabinet are riveted with plain triangular plates for extra rigidity. Also, it has been tested up to 75000 cycles with 29 kg load.

Safe Design

Vertical filing cabinet comes with an anti-tipping mechanism that ensures only one drawer can be opened at a time. This prevents toppling over of the cabinet, making it safe for use.

Organized Option

The drawer fronts are fitted with snap-on type plastic label holders that make it easy to organize your files and records. It saves you a lot of time by making access quick and easy.

Godrej 4 Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet

SKU: 56101702SD00525
  • Dimensions W x H x D (cm)

    47 x 132 x 62

    Door Material

    CRCA Steel

    Primary Material

    CRCA Steel

    Finish Color

    Bond White

    Sales Package

    1 Filing Cabinet

    Delivery Condition



    1 Year

    Country Of Origin


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