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Swing lane Barrier | Godrej Security Solutions

Updated: Jan 23

Godrej Security Solutions Swing Lane barrier is an innovative pedestrian control technology that is designed to achieve best balance between quality, performance and affordability. GSLB series provides a combination of reliable mechanical as well as electronic restriction for unauthorized visitors while still maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. Access control and time attendance reader can be integrated into Swing Lane barrier to improve accuracy of reporting. Swing Lane barriers are available in single lane and multi lane configuration with combination of standard pedestrian and wide handicapped lane. Flap barrier is designed using DC brushless Motor and highly reliable sensors to make it safe and secure. Model Series: GSLB - PS (With SS sheet finish), GSLB - PC (with premium EVD coloured SS sheet finish)

  1. Adjustable Speed

  2. Best Aesthetic look and smooth opening and closing, optional finish in GOLD or any color suitable for existing aesthetic lobby

  3. Wide opening from 600 - 900 mm

  4. Safety of Highest Standard

  5. Automatic opening in case of emergency and power failure with auto reset

  6. Fastest passage speed

  7. Cabinet width of 120 mm

  8. Standard Cabinet Cladding in SS304 Available even in Gold Finish.

Technical Specifications

  • Drive: DC Brushless Motor based highly reliable drive

  • IR Sensor for safety of person standing between two cabinets

  • Wrong entry and tailgate sensors. Sensor at lower side to detect trolley bags.

  • Edge light on the rotating element with blue colour / Green colour / red colour

  • Stainless Steel grade 304 (optional 316 ) cabinet

  • Flap/Wings: Acrylic OR Polycarbonate 10 mm

  • Cabinet Width: from 125 to 200 MM and Height: 1000 MM for standard and wide lane

  • Power: 230 VAC @ single Phase, 50 Hz

  • Passage width: 600 mm for pedestrian and 900 for wide lane used for handicapped lane

  • Normally closed mode of operation

  • Opening time: 0.5 Second for standard lane (adjustable)

  • Long life cycle & low operating cost

  • Fail safe in case of power failure


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