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Smart Vault Personal Lockers | Godrej Intelli-Access

Updated: Jan 29

Godrej Security Solutions presents Intelli-Access which are Smart Vault Personal Lockers with Biometric | Smart RFID Card | Keypad Locking Systems

Unshackle your vaults from keys, fraudsters and bottlenecks to herald the next generation of automated multi-level security.

Godrej INTELLI-ACCESS introduces freedom by offering unimaginable convenience to vault rooms by increasing security and reducing manpower requirements. It is designed to eliminate system bottlenecks and enhance customer experience through a celebration of intelligent integrated automation.

Freedom from keys

No more mechanical keys needed. Just biometric or keypad or smart-card based access.

Freedom from forgery

Goodbye signatures. Biometric fingerprint authenticates customer identity.

Freedom from fraud

Keyless access eliminates all risks of duplicated keys by Imposters.

Freedom from burglary

fears The system sends real-time alerts in case of break-ins.

Freedom from bottlenecks

Fully integrated automated control ensures efficient sequential access.

Freedom from manpower

The automated system does away with manned supervision.


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