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Pole Metal Detector | Godrej G Scan

Updated: Mar 17

Godrej GSCAN POLE Ferromagnetic Contraband Screener is a ferro-magnetic metal detector for the detection of contrabands such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, guns, knives, razorblades and other threat items. It screens the complete body in a single walk-by for all ferro-magnetic sources. The system is simple and can be deployed within minutes and is ready to screen immediately. The internal battery ensures power independent operation, so GSCAN POLE can be deployed at any location. It can find concealed phones and ferrous contraband, can locate phones hidden behind walls, under clothing or in packages, bags and other objects. It can even locate phones hidden inside someone's body.

Specifications :

  • Detects all cell phones and ferromagnetic contraband

  • Automatic self-calibration in all environments

  • Full height, 360 degree detection

  • Functions in vertical and horizontal positions

  • 10 Level volume control for precise volume setting

  • 100 Levels of sensitivity for individual zones

  • Dual level of gain adjustments for each zone

  • User selectable pre-programmed settings for quick calibration

  • High contrast OLED display for information display and settings

  • User adjustable intensity for OLED display and display LEDS to suite the environment

  • Alarm count for number of detections

  • User selectable 8 tones for indication detection with silent mode option

  • Fully weatherproof IP65 certified

  • Conforms to latest EMI/EMC

  • Conforms to International Electrical safety standards

  • Ferromagnetic detection technology

  • Passive technology, no radiation - Safe for pacemakers, pregnant ladies & medical implants

  • Multi-zone detection for accurate pinpointing of targets

  • Bluetooth headset for covert operation

  • Secure ease to use jog dial control

  • Can work through walls and false partitions

  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized access

  • Zone Indicator lights for quick search and detection

  • Can run on 12v auxiliary power for remote portable operations

  • Built in Lithium ion battery for compact and single unit design

  • Extremely durable design, 316 grade stainless steel & injection moulded plastic for high quality finish

  • Wall mount kit for space saving deployment

  • Carry case for secure transportation and storage

  • Ergonomic design for minimum space requirement in passage ways

  • Weatherproof - suitable for Outdoor and Indoor installations

GScan Pole
Download PDF • 2.62MB


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