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Orane - It’s a Bed and a Mattress, a Mattress Bed! | Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 17

Integration of mattress and bed to get the best of both

We created Orane mattress bed to help you maximize benefit while buying a mattress

By combining bed and mattress, we are sure it will greatly help people to prioritize the purchase of good sleeping surface than the bed which they usually do.

On this new financial year beginning, we are proudly introducing “Orane Mattress Bed”.

Orane will inspire us to relook at what a mattress can do in our life. It redefines all our traditional expectation and marks the beginning of providing multiple features and usage options to increase the value of the product to our customers. We made this possible by combining our expertise in making mattress and sofas. By combining the best materials and process of these products, we were able to make Orane mattress bed a truly transformative solution that fits into any room.

In addition to this, Orane range is designed with smart accessories which make the mattress bed more versatile, multi-room, multi-activity product.

That’s a need of today when workspace, learning space and living space have merged into one space called home.

Orane mattress bed has a unique construction detail which

combines the solid wood frame structure with in-house manufactured bonnell springs and polyurethane foam. This makes Orane mattress bed more than Multi-functional.


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