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K 12 Education & Classroom Furniture | Godrej Interio

Updated: Jan 29

Godrej Interio is pleased to introduce the all-new K 12 education & classroom furniture range for new age learning spaces in Schools Colleges etc.

It consists of the following products:

  1. Aim Desk

  2. Discover Plus Chair

  3. Activity tables – Boomerang, HEX, PIE, FLAG

  4. Amigo Caddy

  5. Burrow Cubby

  6. Vision Projector Trolley

  7. Modulo Table

  8. Poppin’ Pouf

Over the time learning has evolved significantly. The major demand from new age learning spaces is to serve the unique needs of every student. They should be flexible, tech enabled, support collaboration, formal and informal interaction among students and above all they should be dynamic.

And K-12 series is thoughtfully designed to serve these evolving learning needs. It provides products with unique design to rearrange utility of any area from ME Space to WE Space.

New age learning spaces must accommodate the unique learning needs of every student and support the positive human relationships needed for effective learning, both formal and informal. They should be student-centered, tech-enabled spaces that support individual and group learning, encourage innovation and foster a sense of community.

These are Adaptable, Inviting, Smart, Comfortable and Safe. They encourage holistic development with products that are ‘intuitive, relaxing and invigorating’. The Education range from Godrej Interio is a family of products for the classrooms, activity areas and other educational spaces. The aesthetic harmony and practicality of the range includes varied products of desks, storages and seats to complete the environment solutions across school

interior spaces. This range is designed to accommodate different learning styles includes ME and WE spaces, provides more choices and facilitates easy adaptability and flexibility to modern requirements.




Simple in form, AIM DESK keeps the focus on what matters most. An apt product for comfortable and fresh learning environment. A chair that supports comfortable classroom learning is the Discover Plus. These chairs are extremely sturdy for spaces that needs to have a robust and durable product for a long run. It’s adaptable to new-age learning with inviting vibrant colour offering. Move, turn and position instantly to find the desired space for every activity with ease.


New-age learning spaces require new-age storage solutions like cubbies and caddies. They help create personalized storage space for every student. These can be used for different purposes as per necessity - open cubbies for books and with trays for art supplies.


A smart and comprehensive solution for a projector-laptop set up which allows

for a standing and seated position during the presentation. Portable unit that can be moved around for convenience, without worrying about wire management. The unit also comes with ample storage facility for equipment and offers added protection with easy access of laptop and projector.


Modulo desk is an innovative solution that allows teacher to change their posture for work. The height adjustability feature of both, the seated table and standing table, allows fully-customized height adjustments as per individual preference. It has a compact footprint which can be easily accommodated in any learning space.


This soft and active seating pouf facilitates portability in activity rooms or library areas for kids to create their own space around a desk as and when required.


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