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Greta 2.0 Chair | Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 11

Introducing Greta 2.0 Ergonomic Chair our newest launch in the Mesh Chair Range. It is a perfect amalgamation of contemporary style and comfort. It is designed to support all work postures. Greta truly has your back with its unique ‘ActiLumbar’ – Lumbar support.

We know what it feels like to be stuck in a chair for hours. But now your people don’t have to be. Allow us to present Greta 2.0. It is a uniquely designed chair that lets the user adjust posture even while sitting. With adjustable headrest, armrest, lumbar support and more, Greta 2.0 can be easily customised to different body sizes and tasks. Highly flexible and comfortable, this ideal office chair makes long hours of sitting more relaxed and less strenuous for different parts for the human body.

Nothing looks and performs better than a happy, healthy team in a thoughtfully designed work environment. With flexibility at its core, Greta 2.0 offers a richer, more relaxing work experience for hours. From ergonomic design with contoured edges to adjustable lumbar support, this chair has everything you need to focus, sit up, stretch, lounge and of course, work. With its range of 6 vibrant colour combinations, Greta 2.0 also helps you amp up the good vibes in your workspace.

The 3D Arms of Greta 2.0 enables users to adapt a wider range of postures while working.

Greta 2.0 with 2 body colour options and three options in seat colour.

We are also happy to share that Greta 2.0 comes with SCS Global Indoor Air quality Advantage Gold.

It is available in both black and white body with 3 seat colour options to suit every office aesthetic.

Best Suited for :


• MNC Corporates


• Purchase Head

• Purchase Manager

• Project Manager

Self-Calibrating Lumbar Depth:

Firm lumbar pad that automatically adjusts the lumbar depth, based on the body’s posture, and the mode of recline.

Active Bio Synchro:

Tilt tension automatically adjusts based on the user’s body weight to provide required support. Be rest assured, there is no reverse push to the back in this chair.


Height, Depth and Swivel adjustability of the armrest offers the optimum arm support for all body movements. The 3D armrest provides complete support to the armrest in all positions of recline.

Backrest suitable for all:

Wide backrest supports the entire back when leaning back, sitting up straight.


Greta 2.0 moves as you do. It is designed to support all work postures. With a host of adjustable features, you can be sure of working in relaxed comfort all day long. With its design anatomy inspired by variable support for your back, arms, shoulders, it lets the users move from focussed independent work to driving hi-powered meetings – without having to shift chairs. High on flexibility and a delight to look at, Greta 2.0 is the preferred chair for the contemporary office spaces!

Angles of Comfort

Greta 2.0 comes with ‘ActiLumbar’ – Lumbar support which flexes its shape based on the posture and recline position of the user. This offers the user a dynamic lower back support. No more kneeling down or leaning back to adjust the levers to shift positions. The lumbar pad is height adjustable and lumbar depth gets adjusted automatically based on the body posture and recline mode.

The chair is available in a range of 2 frame colours and 3 colours of seat covers, giving you a choice of 6 colour combinations to pick for your spaces. The range of colours span across the spectrum from classic to contemporary, making Greta 2.0 versatile and easy to

blend in with different types of office styles and architecture.

Specifications :

This product is available in following models:

a. GRETA 2.0 - Full back Chair.

b. GRETA 2.0 - Full back Chair with Headrest.

1. SEAT ASSEMBLY: The seat is made up of 1.5 ± 0.1 cm thick hot - pressed

plywood upholstered with fabric and moulded polyurethane foam.

SEAT SIZE: 51.8cm (W) x 49.7cm (D)

2. BACK ASSEMBLY: The Back is injection moulded in glass filled Nylon which is

upholstered with Mesh fabric.The back consist of adjustable Lumbar support made of

injection moulded Polypropylene having an adjustment of 5.0 ±0.1 cm.

BACK SIZE: 47.9 cm(W) x 66.9 cm (H)

3. HIGH RESILIENCE (HR) POLYURETHANE FOAM: The HR polyurethane seat foam is

moulded with density 45+/-2 kg/m³ and hardness 14 ± 2 kgf as per IS:7888 for 25%


4. ARMRESTS (ADJUSTABLE) :The height adjustable armrest is made of Polypropylene

and can be adjusted to 6.0±0.1cm height.It also has swivel and To and Fro adjustment

with moulded PU armtop.

5. ACTIVE BIO-SYNCHRO MECHANISM: The adjustable tilting mechanism is designed

with the following features:

· 360° revolving type

· Front-pivot for tilt with feet resting on ground & continuous lumber support ensuring

more comfort.

· Tilt tension adjustment can be operated in seating position.

· 5 position Tilt limiter giving option of variable tilt angle to the chair.

· Seat / back tilting ratio of 1:2.

· The mechanism housing is made up of HPDC Aluminium & black powder coated

(DFT 40 to 60 micron).

6. HEADREST: The Headrest sub-assembly is made up of injection moulded glass filled

Polypropylene which is upholstered with moulded HR polyurethane foam and fabric. It

has an adjustment of 3.0 ± 0.1cm & it is assembled over GRETA 2.0 Full back chair.

The complete headrest assembly is retro fit to the main chair.

7. PNEUMATIC HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: The pneumatic height adjustment

with an adjustment stroke of 10.0 ± 0.3cm.

8. PEDESTAL ASSEMBLY: The pedestal is injection moulded in black 30% glass-filled

Nylon and fitted with 5 nos. twin wheel castors. The pedestal pitch-center dia is

Ø66.1 ± 0.5 cm.(76.1 ± 1.0 cm. with castors).

9. TWIN WHEEL CASTORS: The twin wheel castors are injection moulded in black

Polyamide having 6.0± 0.1cm wheel Diameter.


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