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Godrej Interio Occasional Seating Furniture

Updated: Jan 20

Godrej Interio is introducing a new category – Occasional Seating in Living Room which consists of standalone poufs , benches, one seater seating unit and mid back fully upholstered chair that can be used for multiple activities. These products are light, mobile and can be placed at any place, be it in living room, bedroom , cosy corners for reading or relaxing at balcony - as per the requirement of the customers. Also, these product serves as an additional seating unit for social gatherings or additional guests. The units are simple, clean yet elegant and demurely artistic. Easy on the eye , these products also transform your space into a twilight zone. All these units are inhouse designed with minute detailing and sophistication.

  • Orchid 1str sofa

  • Capsule seat

  • Mito Bench

  • Mito Pouf

  • Zircon Study Chair

Orchid :

An enchanting piece fit for glamorous interiors with a leatherette touch that make it even more luxurious than its design entails. It is fully upholstered with clean lines and a puffy soft look making this design as simple as it is glamorous. This crescent accent chair is an elegant piece of furniture inspired by depths of nature. Orchid has a very special feature that brings a swivel function to this already fantastically designed chair. It swivels in a full 360 degree motion for maximum mobility.

Mito Pouf


The soft, organic shape of zircon speaks to a new generation of users, while creating a timeless aesthetic that does not overwhelm the space. This is not your standard office chair. This chair is designed to add a modern touch to your everyday home workstation needs .A unique upholstered seat and contoured arms add comfort to match its style, while the adjustable height capability, and rolling casters allow convenient versatility.


Timeless, understated elegance. Although the initial impression given by the capsule is clean and uncluttered, several discreetly extravagant details are revealed at second and third glance. Thanks to their discrete appearance, they blend in easily with various settings, acting as both a seat as well as a practical storage compartment.


Flexible, inviting and productive, Mito is a collection of pouf and bench which are designed

to evolve with the dynamic needs of today’s lifestyle.


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