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Updated: Mar 13

Product Name:


Product category:

Full height & wall to wall storages and Lockers

Product Description:

Gain Pro storages range is a wall-to-wall storage system that is created by amalgamation of different storage types like open shelf, metal and wooden hinged door units, glass door units as well as combi storage units. Personal locker units with door configuration of 2, 4 and 6 with main and add on type construction in three different colour options can be configured. Multiple locks options from keyless numeric and digital locks to conventional cam locks are available to be offered with all variants of the storage range. Additionally, RFID locks in Personal locker units also can be provided.

Target Market segment:

Gain Pro is a product that is to be positioned in the Indian Corporates, Government &PSU, BFSI, SME and Educational Institution segment. All Requirements for full height wall to wall storages and Personal locker units can be catered to with the different types of storages units available in Gain Pro. It is our indigenous design and manufacturing that enables us to promote the Make in India requirements in the market also.

Product Differentiation:

1. Lateral connectivity between all units: A combination of various types of storage units viz. open shelf units, metal hinged door units, wooden hinged door units, glass door and combi units can be fixed with each other laterally using the main and addon concept. This rigidly fixes the entire row of storages and the maintains alignment throughout life of the product.

2. Configuration Variety: From open storages without shutters to Hinged door units a wide variety of shutters for different applications are a offering in Gain Pro. The open storages are perfect for creating quick access shelving and dynamic display solution in common spaces. The shutter options include opaque wooden or metal shutters, glass shutters and a combi unit of part glass - part opaque metal shutters.

3. Tall Height Glass shutters: Seven-and-a-half-foot tall carcasses can be fitted with full height lockable glass shutters to create tall displays with restricted access. The shutters span the entire height of the tall carcass for a clean seamless look.

4. Three Point Locking system in all types of locks: Exclusive and sophisticated three-point locking mechanism in Key less locks is the USP of Gain Pro storages. It is available in Cam Locks as well.

5. Seamless storage elevation: The Shutters of Gain Pro Storage range are designed with Over closing shutter design which provide a seamless look to the entire cluster of units connected laterally. The shutters are fitted with soft closing hinges which provide sophistication in terms of operation of the storage units. This design is a platform for storages as well as lockers provided unified aesthetics to the entire storage range.

6. Personal locker units: Wall to wall locker setups with lock options like cam, numeric, digital and RFID can be created using the same platform and aesthetic. These lockers can be a good substitute dedicated individual pedestals at each workstation creating substantial cost savings in furniture and real estate.

Product certifications:

1. Indoor Advantage Gold – Furniture Indoor Air Quality

2. GreenGuard Certification

Product can be used at:

1. Gain Pro is to be promoted in the Corporate, Private and MNC segment for requirements of wall-to-wall storages in office spaces.

2. The product will see value in those offices, where there is a need to have various forms of storage units and locker units such to suit the principles of activity-based design or collaborative working spaces.

3. Gain Pro locker with new age keyless lock types can be positioned as an alternative to individual pedestal or storage units at workstations to optimized and maximize the floor space utilization in the layout.

4. Gain pro can be a good offering for Legal firms, Banking and financial institutions, hostels which have need for opaque hinged doors with secure locking features.

5. It can also be promoted at educational institutions where there are needs of glass door storages for display purposes.

6. Combi Units of partial glass and metal hinged door units can be promoted for executive cabins and areas where the purpose is to not only display but also have secure storage space for individual working.

7. Locker units can be positioned at co-working spaces, gymnasium and sports locker rooms, Hospital etc.

Although, decreasing physical documentation may have reduced the need for storing files and papers, it has opened the possibility to create storages that enhance workflow and optimize the overall floor plate utilization.

To cater to these new age needs, we needed to revamp our storage offering.

A Need to create a platform which gives the freedom to choose from multiple storage types and sizes, with secure and adept lock options, while being able to create the best suited storage cluster as per the available space and needs.

The Gain Pro Range of Storage Solutions kicks off this new paradigm shift in storage solutions.

The flexibility in configuration of Gain Pro platform helps create specific storage layouts to augment the work process.

Gain Pro’s modular design can efficiently cover entire width of offices. With the tall storage option one can make most utilization of the floor to ceiling height of the available space.

The platform also comes with the option of opaque metal or wooden door, end to end glass displays with full height glass shutters, Open shutter-less storages, half in half combi storage for executive spaces, and personal locker units for layouts with dynamic workflow.

In additional to being versatile, the platform also supports multiple keyless locking options like numeric, digital and RFID.

With Space at premium, Efficient and effective storages that are suitable for a plethora of

activities in the office floor is fundamental in any office space design.

Our existing Gain Storage was a well appreciated solution for compact and closed full height

storage units, But,

The new age requirements of storages in office spaces need….

Open shelf storage units for interactive areas

The new age requirements of storages in office spaces need….

Semi glass combination units for executive cabins

The new age requirements of storages in office spaces need….

Tall units with Seamless Shutter and modular construction that Maximize covered storage Space

The new age requirements of storages in office spaces need….

Front end Personal Lockers replacing individual storage at the workstations


GAIN PRO Storage solutions

Integrated and collaborative working environments require a Storage system that is much more

advanced than the traditional method of storage

GAIN PRO Storage Range offers a variety of storage options

Which connects laterally in any combination providing flexibility to design smart and multipurpose

storage solutions.

Glass door and semi glass and metal door units also a possible combination of GAIN PRO

Thus, creating the apt storage solution for executive spaces.

Tall units with single seamless shutter options

Combi unit, Glass door unit, Hinged door unit, Open shelf unit all available in 6 loading levels for higher space efficiency


Cost efficient storage for display in common interactive areas

GAIN PRO locker solutions allow for optimal use of floor space.

Also aids to promote productivity and creates a sense of belonging in the space

GAIN PRO Personal Locker Units

can come equipped Sophisticated keyless numeric, digital and RFID locks all with the same design language

Options for colour combinations and door combinations available to select from.

GAIN PRO Storages have an exclusive three point locking mechanism

Gain Pro’s 3

point locking mechanism makes it difficult to tamper with and force open the storage,

and can be availed in Cam, Digital and Numeric lock configurations as well

GAIN PRO Storages elevation is neat, crisp and Clean to provide seamless aesthetics when

connected to each other

Gain Pro Storages and lockers have over closing shutter design. All shutters are with soft closing

hinges to provide finesse to the storage operations.


Gain Pro Range of storages are awarded with GREENGUARD as well as INDOOR ADVANTAGE GOLD Product sustainability certifications.


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