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Essential Dining Range | Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is happy to introduce our New Range of Dining set at a very affordable price point without compromising the aesthetics and design. 

These are inhouse designed and manufactured dining tables and chairs in different materials of different sizes and high on functionality.

The unique feature of this range is  there are 10 table and 4 seating solutions,  all at a very aggressive price point.

Modern, contemporary design, trendy tops for all spaces.


The range offers:

  • Metal understructure table and chairs

  • Differentiation in tabletop materials

  • Functional and utilitarian

  • Efficient space utilization

  • Adaptable & different layouts

  • Unique profiles

  • Sensible, spaceful and superlative solution


      Material : 


      Tables :  There are 2 variants  of top  surfaces. (Engineered Wood and  Glass Top)


      Engineered Wood Top :

High Moisture Resistant (HMR) : High scratch resistant (8H) foil laminated on HMR Engineered wood  board (Imported from Australia)  in suede/matt finish in 18 mm thickness.

          Available in 4 seater square , 4 seater rectangle, 6 seater rectangle and 8 seater rectangle


      Glass Top :

         Clear Toughened Glass  in  8 mm thickness

         Available in 4 seater rectangle and 6 seater rectangle


        Understructure :

         MS pipe powder coated Black ink shade  in Matt finish.


         Chairs :  There are 2 variants in metal frame. They are knockdown and flatpack design. Comes 2 in a pack.

         Bench :   Metal frame. Comes in single packing

         Stool   :  Metal frame. Comes 2 in a pack

         Note    : The chairs, bench and stool are made of metal which is robust, rigid and light weight which can be promoted at distribution channel also.


         Seat :   Fabric upholstery

the ‘Essential dining’ collection 2023 Is about organizing our lives at home,managing our frequent & regular needs, from every niche of the life and time…

…..from memories to meal, from celebration to solitude, from arranging to occupying, & homework to work from home.

Ellie dining chair

This simple sitting aid offer more than its mere use. The Ellie dining chair is a mid back chair that has beautiful shell inspired quilting on either sides of the back rest. Other than the comfort and value for cost design, its jubilant quilting adds an human touch to your dining space.

The subtle play of shadow & light due to its quilting will make your day, everyday!

The Quilting pattern enhances the appeal, even if the back of the chair is visible from your living room.

Curved back and waterfall detail on the front side of the seat emphasizes the ergonomic design of the Elle chair.

Quilting pattern on both sides of the back rest cover that enhances the overall dining arrangement at home.

Kalyx dining chair

Stay home alone together with Kalyx chair. Swim around with this poised & happy chair into your living space today. One ought to have one of this kind.

The shape is derived to balance the typicality of dining chairs to make them versatile for any space

Do you move around dining chairs often? Then just pick and place Kalyx chair single handedly and comfortably by grasping upon the happy back rest at the soft convex drop.

Casual kind of chair that is pretty to pick and place wherever one wants.

Good along with your dinging table too

Kalyx dining bench

The Kalyx dining stool is a very gentle and soft looking seating bench that can help one save space not only horizontally but vertically too. It makes the dining space less dominant and balances the chairs presence, for a humble space, very well.

Kalyx dining stool

Its a most relatable member of your dining island. The stool is higher than the usual dining chairs. It comes with 2 leg rests, on either sides to help everyone sit properly without the backrest.

The stool can stand the casual as well as occasional settings too. So next time you want to sing your dining audience, just pull a Kalyx stool.

The stool is 50 mm higher to the standard seating height of the regular dining chair. This height aid better visibility of the dining top and manage one maneuver respectively.

It comes with leg rests on either side at 2 different heights

Franky Dining Table

The FRANKY range of dining tables are designed with a strategic size and proportions that allows you to chose the best suited size for your space. These are space friendly due to its sensible sizes and will help you create a spaceful dining area.

The subtle and simple understructure let the floor stand to eyesight peacefully. The knock down understructure further helps your pack and port easily in a systematic way.

FRANKY dining table comes with 4 different sizes & in 2 classic finishes.

The diagonal orientation of the leg accentuates the minimalistic appeal of the table and gives it an extra stability with the help of a customized Joining Wedge detail.

It also assists in taking the legs close to the edge allowing maximum leg space and have a tabletop with rounded corners.

Franky Square Dining Table :

Silica dining table range with Glass top

The SILICA dining table is a one-of-a-kind dining table with 8 mm clear toughened glass tabletop. With confidence, the table displays a stainless-steel disc with a sunray finish that holds the top and understructure together in integrity. A tetrahedral structure underneath makes the transparent top quite interesting to look at. As the knockdown dining table is put together, the four tensile segments along the slanted legs contribute to its beauty and stability.

Silica is welcome worthy, to visit homes flat packed.

Engineered Wood tops


With trendy patterns inspired from stone.

These materials have high moisture resistance to cope up with exposure to liquid or moist environment.


( available in Silica range )

The toughened glass provides better impact resistance and heat resistance compared to the regular or normal glass.

Providing safety in the events of minor accidental impacts and heat exposure compared the regular type of glass

High strength metal structure for Table & Chair with powder coat finish

Our products designed with the high strength Mild Steel pipes for structural support and stability.

With powder coat in Black ink color in matte finish prevents the corrosion and further wear & tear in the material for longer new look.


Dark brown colour

These fabrics are selected for long duration usage. The same is ensured by stringent tests confirming to international standards


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