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Aventura Mattress | Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is happy to introduce our very first retail-exclusive mattress, Aventura, a new addition to our product range. Aventura will exclusively be available through our retail channel, including COCO stores, BTF stores, and Direct Wd’s stores.


Aventura Mattress is designed with Customers ultimate comfort in mind. This Euro-top mattress offers an extra cushioning layer for a truly comfortable and restful sleep. It is available in two thickness options, 5" or 6", to suit your own preference. The mattress combines the perfect blend of Visco touch foam as a soft top layer, hard foam, and bonded foam support layers. Its top layer is adorned with premium 300 GSM Pre-Quilted Fabric, providing a cozy surface for your sleep. Thanks to its non-skid bottom fabric, Aventura stays securely in place on your bed, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With a 3-year warranty, Aventura reflects our commitment to quality and durability.

Aventura : A mattress with perfect balance of comfort and support with its Euro Top cushioning and advanced foam layers. Its bright yellow color and premium fabric add an appealing touch to your bedroom. Aventura ensures quality and durability for a great night's sleep.

Features of Aventura Mattress :

Advanced Composition:

Aventura is crafted with a unique combination of Visco touch foam on the top layer,

supported by hard foam and bonded foam layers, ensuring a perfect balance of comfort and support.

Extra Cushion with Euro Top: Aventura is designed with Euro top layer on top, making it super comfy for a great sleep.

Premium Top Fabric: The top fabric boasts a luxurious 300 GSM Pre-Quilted Fabric, providing a soft and inviting surface for your sleep.

Anti Skid Bottom: Aventura features a non-skid bottom fabric that keeps the mattress securely in place on your bed, ensuring a sound night's sleep.

Two Thickness Options: Aventura is available in both 5" and 6" thickness, catering to various preferences.

3 years warranty: Aventura mattress comes with a 3-year warranty, showing our commitment to quality and durability.


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