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Arcbay Sofa | Godrej Interio

Updated: Mar 3

Introducing Arcbay sofa – a sofa with high backrest and soft comfort with business class aesthetics. Accentuated with quilting details, broad armrest with sweeping arcs, symmetrical styling in balanced proportion and movable lumber cushions , this sofa evokes a sense of sophistication and premiumness. Also, to add to delight, we are offering three years warranty.

Available in 1 seater, 2 seater and 3 seater , dressed in Syn Leather in two shades - charcoal with toffee highlight and rubben blue with mint blue highlight, this sofa when placed in living space brightens the surroundings and becomes the focal point of attraction. Pocket spring at seat, S spring suspension , soft foam at seat and back rest adds to extraordinary comfort.

A Sofa with dignified silhouette, stately proportions and restful contours.

Colours of Arcbay Sofa :

  1. Charcoal

  2. Rubben blue

Synthetic leather in charcoal color with toffee highlight

Synthetic leather in Rubben blue color\ with mint blue highlight



1. Business class product aesthetics with sweeping arcs, high backrest and soft comfort.

2. Sofa is well accentuated with quilting details and dual tone trims on the armrest.

3. The armrest is split into soft inner rest area and stiff outer periphery providing a perfect

tailored look.

4. The sofa is dressed in synthetic leather which lends the right fit and finish to the product.

5. Grand appearance in three seater sofa is achieved with singular split in seat and back cushions.

6. The initial launch is in two exciting color schemes grey and blue


1. Mobile lumbar cushions free to adjust for a perfect seating fit.

2. Superior seating comfort with dual suspension system including both S springs and pocket spring labyrinth.

3. High backrest with oblong ends on the top side of cushion lends a perfect landing space for the neck.


1. Synthetic leather makes the sofa very easy to clean and maintain.

2. The back and lumbar cushion can be taken off from the sofa for ease of cleaning the seat whenever needed.


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