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Anti-Intrusion Fogging System | Godrej Security Solutions

Updated: Jan 17

Godrej Security Solutions introducing the Smart Fog which is an Anti-intrusion fogging system which can be used in High Security Areas or even for your Home safes.

It is triggered when it detects some kind of burglary attempt on a safe.

Smart Fog is a compact yet powerful fogging security system that works to stop intruders in their tracks. A motion sensor detects break-ins and triggers the gas While the foggy conditions last for 30-40 minutes, the low visibility (<1m) causes burglars to abandon their plans and leave the premises as quickly as possible!

Features :

  • Compact lightweight cabinet with special heating system of liquid less than 2 hours

  • Single shot coverage of 600 m³

  • In 28 Sec an entire room of 600 m³ is covered

  • 200 m³ of less than 1 m visibility

  • Shot characteristics is programmable in sec as per requirement

  • Total discharge capability with full bag of 500 ml is 850 m³

  • Over 1 hour of operating power without main power

Technical Specifications :

Compact Cabinet : Yes

Weight of the fogging system : 7.5 Kg

Overall packaging weight : 8.5 Kg

Units on 100×120 cm pallet : 36

Dimensions of the fogging system : 30 x13 xH39

Size of the packaging : 36 x19 xH45

Colors : White or Black

Operating time without mains power : over 1 hour

Heating time : 2 Hours

Vertical & Horizaontal mounting : Yes

Usb port/serial for computer monitoring (Windows and Linux) : Yes

Serial bus for standard protocol : Yes

Alarm kit : Optional

New “layer” heating system : Yes

Single shot coverage (visibility more than 1,5 m) : 600 m3

Single shot coverage (visibility less than 1 m) : 200m3

Maximum emission time in a single shot : 28 Seconds

Total discharge capability with full bag : 850 m3

Number of bags : 1

Amount of fluid in the bag : 500ml

Shot characteristics : programmable in sec.

Number of bags included : 1

2 cabled inputs: arming and shooting : yes

1 cabled output: fault (empty bag, low battery/lack of power supply, system failure) : Yes

Serial interface RS232 : Yes

Standard communication protocol : Yes

Top internal riser for optional boards : Yes

Side internal riser optional boards : Yes

Front panel made of plastic material to simplify wireless communication : Yes

Power supply : 230 V or 120 V

Average consumption : 37 W

Heater max power in start : 170 W

Backup battery : Yes

CE certification : Yes

Certified fog fluid : Yes

Compliant to the current europeans regulations : Yes

Demo Video :


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