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Anti-Drone System | Godrej Security Solutions

Updated: Jan 20

Anti Drone / Anti UAV Drone Detector System developed by Godrej Security Solutions

Godrej Security Solutions has observed now over a period of time that much of the security infrastructure that exists today are restricted to land security and to limit access to sensitive locations has little effect against drones /UAVs . UAVs can fly over fences and walls and can escape detection by traditional radar systems and once airborne, a drone can arrive within minutes at any location within a few kilometers of the launch site. In short, there is no city, neighborhood or building on the planet that is beyond their reach .

We have been hearing lot of news on Drone attacks across worldwide and it has become one of the major threat perception in our country too . Kindly see below one of the articles how Drones are posing threats to our security forces .

“‘Last year, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were dropped at Jammu's Indian Air Force base station using drones that were suspected to have originated from across the border. The probe, being conducted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), is yet to make any significant breakthrough. The border state of Punjab has witnessed 150 drone sightings, from 2018-21, while many of them remained unaccounted for. Most of these UAVs are loaded with IED, explosive hand grenades and weapons.”

We have 2 models for Anti Drone solution :

  1. Fixed [ Make/Model - CERBAIR / ( MEDUSA + HYDRA) ] : Hydra is the detector & Medusa is the Jammer .

  2. Modular [ Make/Model-CERBAIR/CHIMERA ]: Chimera is complete back pack solution .


True One-Man

Portable Solution

CHIMERA solutions composition


Manpack for omni and passivedetection.

Rugged tablet for alert, tracking and connectivity.

Effector for direction finding andneutralization.


Perpetual softwarelicense:

-Dashboard: alerts in real time.

-Direction finding on drone andpilot.

-Control of manpack andeffector.




Hardware warranty and software maintenance.

How jamming affects drones

Jamming interferes with the communications that drones rely on, namely the uplink, downlink and GNSS reception.

Once one or several of these channels is jammed, the drone automatically triggers its emergency procedure that its pilot chose before take-off:

§ Safe landing.

§ Return to Home.

§ Hover until battery is depleted, then safe landing.

If GNSS reception is also saturated, the drone will not be able to Return To Home and will therefore trigger its safe landing by default.

Why not a mere drone gun?

Droneguns have real ranges limited to the visual and acoustic senses of their operators as they need to be aimed at the drone since they are highly directional to protect the operators from emissions. Consequently, their real ranges do not exceed 100m, which is way too short to counter popular attack scenarios in which malevolent actors fly they drones high so as to not be detected. By combining detection, location and neutralization, CHIMERA increases the operator reaction time and allows him to engage a rogue drone Beyond his Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) or even arrest the pilot.

CHIMERA fights the widespread drone threats by offering security operators a complete, high performing, integrated, extremely mobile and highly configurable solution. Pioneering a unique integrated and dynamic operational concept, CHIMERA is the interoperable anti drone « Swiss army knife D.

Drones: a growing concern Because drones can guarantee the anonymity and impunity of their pilots, they have become the perfect tool for malevolent actors. Small, nimble, inconspicuous, affordable, easy-to-use and able to transport diverse payloads with increasing levels of autonomy, drones today bypass all traditional security measures and put all critical sites at risk. Risk of attack or collision, vector of espionage or contraband: malevolent drone intrusion scenarios are numerous.

Our mission Since 2015, CERBAIR has secured its clients' near airspace with high-tech solutions. To cope with the asymmetrical threat posed by drones, CERBAIR aims at democratizing high performing solutions to protect the many with its unique approach: Highest Cost-Efficiency on the market Mobility and Simplicity of use Modularity and Upgradability

CHIMERR It is the real anti drone « Swiss army knife ». Similar to the fantastic creature, CHIMERA is the long-dreamt fusion of detection, location and neutralization technologies into a unified portable format for demanding security operators. This highly configurable platform provides flexibility to larger C2 it can connect with.

Client references

  • G7 in Biarritz

  • French Ministry of Defense

  • Colombian Air Force

Semi Portable Solution

•This involves two separate systems, which combine to make a set.

•The systems are the “HYDRA” and “MEDUSA” .

•The Hydra works as the detection system, while Medusa works as the neutralizing system.


To counter the new drone security threats, HYDRA is a powerful and flexible 1St line of defense whether you are looking for a versatile solution or a high performing detection technology to be integrated in a multilayer Command and Control system.


CERBAIR's core technology, HYDRA is a range of drone detection solutions based on radiofrequency analysis. Similar to the mythological multi-headed snake, HYDRA relies on a scalable number of sensors (see visual on right corner) installed on top of a mast and working together thanks to our signal intelligence algorithms.

Why detect? Drones are becoming more and more discrete to the point that it has now become unrealistic to expect detecting them with one's own senses. Without proper detection, no action can be taken. Therefore it is crucial to be able to detect, identify and locate the drone threat in time. Indeed, these steps are necessary to trigger a countermeasure so as to neutralize the drone or alternatively to indirectly nullify the drone threat (pilot arrest, VIP extraction...).

Several technologies allow to detect drones: RF, radar, acoustics and EO/IR. Although each presents its own strengths and weaknesses, radiofrequency analysis undoubtedly is the most balanced drone detection. Because it is a high performing, affordable and non interfering technology, radiofrequency analysis is a powerful 10 line of defense to detect the presence of rogue drones, especially in complex urban environments.

Of course, given that no technology is infallible, the integration of complementary drone detection technologies can help counter the most sophisticated drone attack scenarios.

HVORR solutions composition Hardware • Detection pod : sensors, antennas and cables. • Client server or hypervisor integration. Software • Perpetual software license. • Major functionalities: Dashboard with 2D satellite views. Sensors and effectors settings. Alert history for FORENSIC. Real-time RF spectrum scanning.

Service • Site reconnaissance. • System calibration and training. • Hardware warranty and software maintenance.

Sonlability Possible combination of HYDRA 200 solutions to cross bearings (see visual). Possible combination of HYDRA 100 and HYDRA 200 solutions to implement a network of sensors adapting to a site particular topography and obstacle layout. Unified control of all installed HYDRA solutions via a unique client server.

Medusa : Cerbair

To counter the new drone security threats, MEDUSA is a smart countermeasure opposing a proportionate response to a drone attack, whether it is an isolated UAV or a swarm, and works best in conjunction with HYDRA detection input that allows MEDUSA to reduce its collateral interferences.

»The purchase and utilization of such technologies is strongly regulated and requires export license on CERBAIR's side. Please liaise with your local regulator to make sure you are entitled to import and use this equipment.

MEDUSR Ultimate rampart against drone attacks, MEDUSA is a range of drone neutralization solutions based on electromagnetic (EM) jamming. Similar to the mythological gorgon Medusa, who turned those who beheld her to stone, MEDUSA produces an EM emission that instantly pins down surrounding drones, effectively countering them just like its old apotropaic symbol was supposed to ward off Evil.

Why neutralize? During a drone intrusion, a security operator can either use indrect measures such as arresting the pilot, or neutralize the rogue drone. When the attack scenario is very serious and lives are at risk, the security operators' chain of command needs to react ASAP in order to neutralize the rogue drone in time. In such cases, the countermeasure's efficiency and low collateral damage are paramount for the success of the mission.

Several types of drone countermeasures exist: kinetic, electromagnetic or directed energy weapons.

Although all categories and sub-technologies present their own pros and cons, smart jamming• is the most efficient and balanced drone countermeasure to be deployed in a complex urban environment in which limiting the entailed collateral damage is very important. Thus, smart jamming constitutes an efficient last rampart against drone attacks. •The purchase and UtiliZati011 of such technologies is strongy regulated and requires export license on CERBAJR's side. Please liaise with your local regulator to make sure you are emitted to

MEOUSIR solutions composition Hardware Case holding signal-generating electronic boards and power amplifiers Antennas, cables and mounting. Software Remote control via integration with HYDRA: Settings and effector status. Access to smart mode / automatic trigger. Alarm and automatic deactivation after long uninterrupted use for safety. Service Site reconnaissance. System calibration and training. Hardware warranty and software maintenance.


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